Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bay Area Champions -- Part 3: Land of the Dead and the Dying

The third installment in my story on they Bay Area Champions.

Land of the Dead and the Dying

In stark contrast to the Townhouse Plaza spectacle, the only accounts we have of the three days on Boa (the name given to the Bone Corps homeworld) come from the only living beings to leave it alive: Jesse Burning Mountain, Alexandra Raven, Freddy Killowatt, and Krusader.

Allegedly, the heroic raiding party saw precious little of Boa’s unnatural wonders. Jesse Burning Mountain’s memoirs, A Rebel From the Rez, relate a landscape of twisted trees, alkaline pools, and razor-sharp rocks that were like oasis of respite from the horrors of the cities.

“[The Bones Corps] call ‘em necropolises,” said Freddy Killowatt in an interview with Geraldo Rivera. “Not ‘cause they’re cities for the dead, but because they’re made of them. Hundreds of bodies deep, thousands of bodies wide, all dead, none of ‘em rotting. All as pink and blue as the day they were killed – the human ones anyway.”

Krusader’s testimony to a House inquiry includes a list of alien corpses that reads like a membership list of the Interstellar League and the ill-fated Intergalactic Alliance.

But it is Alexandra Raven’s only published account of that harrowing ordeal that most people are familiar with: the bestselling creative non-fiction novel, I Remember Omega Man.

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