Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preparing for FS3 -- Kitchen Sink Musings

As I eagerly await the release of Fading Suns 3rd Edition, it's time to get my head together on all the stuff that can be done with this kitchen sink setting.

Now, a kitchen sink setting may be a derogatory term for some -- for me, it can be a godsend if it's done well. This is because it's a snap to raid other gaming source material and drop them into a campaign, given that the setting has enough hooks to hang them on without too much handwaving.

Fading Suns -- with its Hyperion meets Dune meets middle ages meets Gothic Fantasy feel -- has a lot going for it. For example:

  • dungeon crawl-ish campaign -- Guild-sponsored explorations of ruins on Lost Worlds;
  • Cthulhu-inspired investigations -- enough Antinomy and isolated locales to shake a stick at;
  • swashbuckling space opera -- should be a snap, and normally part of regular campaigns especially with the support of Mongoose's upcoming A Call to Arms: Noble Armada to help further define the ships;
  • politics and courtly intrigues -- there's plenty of noble houses, church factions, and guild agendas already there;
  • macguffin-based adventures -- 2nd Republic artifacts aplenty.
I'll post more concrete examples with actual gaming materials I plan on raiding in the future.

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