Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Things I Learned from Champions: The stories are spectacular

A classic trope: protagonist team meets
other protagonist team for
the first time, and fights!
All RPG adventures and campaigns have a chance at immortality -- living on in a story that gets told again and again when you and your friends get together. Supers RPGs are no different -- but the uniqueness is the genre, of course.
Sometimes it's heroes vs. heroes, sometimes it's heroes vs. villains, and sometimes it's the team hunted by the government or some corporate paramilitary group.

The complex interplay of individuals wielding powers and abilities far beyond those of mere mortals, overcoming normal and extraordinary challenges on a regular basis is part of the attraction of the genre. And there's a lovely shorthand that emerges with every group, a mixture of modern parlance and game system speak:
It was glorious! Alex Raven took five turns of an uncontrollable continuous autofire middle attack. On top of that, he was taking 15 missiles per round for four rounds because everyone else except for Silent Strike and Ayano were down. The Indestructible Man was taken out by one of [the Campaign's] old villains. I took the time to one shot him in the head while being riddled by missile fire. 

Silent Strike and Ayano moved the target out of range before Silent a Strike returned. The Crone did a Body Drain on one of the Black Eagle armor units to kill him on the next turn. Siphon was obliterated in the first salvo but was healed and came back to the fight. 

Oh, the armor units were hitting us from a quarter mike away.

Ah, the stories. They live in our memory for a long, long time.

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