Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Isle Imperium Shards -- A First Set of Shards

As mentioned early, shards have two names. But how are these revealed?

In two ways: (1) by sharding one, thus committing yourself to bearing that shard for a given amount of time; (2) having a warder shard, which allows you to ask the names from the shards themselves.

If you discovered that a given set (most discovered caches of shards are sets of 7) with the following names, what would you think they do?
  • Ossis Potior | Bone Collector
  • Proeliator Lamniar | Blade Bravo
  • Umbra Beatus | Saint of Shadows
  • Sanomagus | White Mage
  • Aduromagus | Fire Mage
  • Tripudior Tempestas | Storm Talon
  • Cepi Monstrum | Blue Mage
OOC Note: The Latin Names are just a conceit to indicate the 'mystic name' and to reward players who actually bother to see if there's a secret in the 'mystic name'.

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