Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lone Wolf board game?

In my early gaming career, I didn't get to play or GM much. And so I relied on the Fighting Fantasy books and the Lone Wolf series of Gamebooks!

I'm carefully archiving the copies available at Project Aon, for laptop play. However, I did read from the blog that there's a Lone Wolf board game in the works.

Here's a quick look at the figurines:

Gary Chalk (original illustrator of the books) is involved in the game creation, and I think that dude with the winged helmet is meant to be Prince Pelathar -- charging to meet his fate against the lizard-like Gourgaz.


  1. Beautiful proto-minis. If it isn't prohibitively expensive, I'd like a copy of it, if only for them.

  2. Me too. Especially the guy in green, who's probably Lone Wolf himself.


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