Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Traveller Hero

And yes, I know the spelling of Traveler is -


Science Fiction games seem to be a rarity in the Philippines. The only Science Fiction games that I've seen run here are the Space Opera type, which tend to have a few fantasy elements mixed in (Star Wars, Fading Suns).

Some friends were able to run some campaigns for the local Star Trek fan group Via Astris, but I've really not seen stable, ongoing Science Fiction campaigns with hardish SciFi, set in the stars, with military or mercantile elements thrown into it.

I mention this because I just discovered that the new Traveller Hero rulebooks by Comstar Games are out! For old gamers like me, Traveller was really one of the seminal Science Fiction RPGs - it came out before Star Frontiers, I believe, even though I played it long after my bout with the Star Frontiers RPG.

Check it out!


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