Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tradecraft Tuesday: I'm happy to say, that's "Classified"

If you're a fan of the old James Bond RPG, you may be interested in what is essentially a retroclone of the venerable (but oh-so-smooth system) game.

The RPG is called Classified, was written by Joseph Browning and published by Expeditious Retreat press.

There's a nice review of the preview of this game by Gary Brown at www.modus-operandi.co.uk that talks about how the system has been refined and streamlined for the moder era, but still retains that old school espionage feel.

In true armchair game fashion, I've only ever read the classic James Bond RPG, never ran it. Played in a single session of an adventure. But I'm sorely tempted by the Classified RPG, and the adventure Operation Rogue Lion.

I've posted before on my fascination with the genre, and have also posted my interest in getting a Night's Black Agents game going.

So, I'll be feeding that interest every Tuesday I can cough up a post topic. Or a review!

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