Thursday, February 19, 2015

Things I Learned From Champions: Throwback to 2014

Last year, I made a series posts under the unifying theme of Things I Learned from Champions:
But I suppose that, in retrospect, that part of those lessons were experiences that shaped my (admittedly limited and skewed) understanding of RPG theory, from the point of view of both player and GM.

This year, though, I think it's time to widen that a bit to all Supers RPGs, especially those that I've played in the past, and those I'm currently reading up on. There's a lot to learn from Super-heroic RPGs, after all.

But fear not, I've got lots of experiences from playing Champions throughout high school, college, and a bit of my professional life to draw from still -- it'll just be joined by my experiences with Classic Marvel Super-Heroes, DC Heroes, Mutants and Masterminds, Marvel Heroic Role-Playing, and even Fuzion!

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