Saturday, February 14, 2015

Superhero Saturdays: Return to Earth 641

Some time back, I posted about a mixed timeline I dubbed Earth 641 -- a combination Marvel & DC universe.

And really, that's what I always think about when thinking of a Super-heroic RPG setting. My default, if you will.

Which is why with DC Heroes, Classic Marvel Super-Heroes, and the current DC Adventures and the now-defunct Marvel Heroic RPG -- I kept picking up the "official sourcebooks" for official builds of characters, hoping to someday convert them into a single system and game in a completely defined world of combined super-heroes and villains.

Of course, this ignored the fact that I was a big Hero System advocate, and that there lots of sites of conversions (like this one) if I was serious about it.

And then I realized that one of the other problems was the convoluted timeline continuity of each individual timeline, and the increased complexity of combining both!

Still -- it's a fun bit of fandom hobby work, right? Time to put together a worklist on this!

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