Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fading Sundays: FATE of Humanity Amongst the Stars

I've been looking at the various FATE rulesets / implementations for various settings, and have been looking at doing niche Fading Suns campaigns using these rulesets.

After considering looking at the FateWorlds books, the Toolkit, and interesting takes like Atomic Robo and the FATE Freeport Companions, I began searching online for some existing conversions.

Also, RIFTS FATE conversions, but that's another story -- I digress.

So here are some that I've been able to find; do you know any others?

Samhaine's Blog: dude named Stephen (according to his "About" page) worked on a FATE conversion. There's also some interesting musings of the similarity in mechanics between the original Fading Suns ruleset and Pendragon.

At Evil Hat's Wiki, there a couple of links to FATE + Fading Suns:

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