Friday, May 9, 2014

Quick-bits 2: More Supers RPG news

I forgot about this in my last post, and it was even mentioned on the Hero Games message boards!

It's like adding a new channel to your feed list. The more you write about it, the more you see. Here are some other little bits of Supers RPG news you may be interested in.

Extreme Earth: A Dystopian Superhero Setting (Kickstarter)

Extreme Earth is, as cited in its title, a dystopian superhero setting. Drink in the colored art and the the write-ups on their kickstarter page, but pay attention to this little bit:

EXTREME EARTH: A Dystopian Superhero Setting - the book!
The EXTREME EARTH campaign setting is written by Joe Bardales with artwork and original concept by Jon Gibbons. There are seven different books for seven different RPG supers systems: the latest versions of BASH!, Bulletproof Blues, Fate Accelerated Edition, ICONS, Mutants and Masterminds, Savage Worlds, and SUPERS! We have assembled a team of conversion experts to make sure each of these different rules systems is properly tailored to fit the EXTREME EARTH setting.

Aha! Multiple game systems! Excellent! Wait -- no HERO? *gasp*

Wait, wait, in the updates:
However, as a way of saying thank you to all of you who supported this Kickstarter, we are going to give free PDF copies of the Cold Steel Wardens and Champions/HERO versions of EXTREME EARTH when they finally become available to anyone who backs the current Kickstarter at the CITIZEN OF EXTREME EARTH level or higher as a bonus.

No print version, but a PDF version. Still pretty cool, especially if you've made the jump to digital like I have.

Settings of the Fainting Goat

I'm intrigued by the potential story of the fainting goat, but I have to say that I like two of their settings for the ICONS RPG: Welcome to Stark City and The Great Game.

Stark City is something I'm going to review in the upcoming weeks as a setting for superheroic gaming in the ICONS ruleset. It reads really well, and sparks lots of campaign ideas.

I've always been interested supers settings, and signature supers cities in particular are always a challenge to flesh out. Perhaps one day I'll be able to put together my fictional RPG supers universe stitching together all the fictional cities in RPGs across the world.

Wait, let's not spin off more work for ourselves. Here's a blurb from the product listing itself:
Stark City is ... both a source of inspiration and a home for all of those diverse ICONS adventures to comfortably take place, a framework to tie them together, and a springboard for your imagination. From the streets of the downtown Silver District to the ultra-modern Telsa Industrial Park, from the wealthy Platinum Coast to the seedy dives of Geartown, you’ll find endless opportunities for taking the ideas found in this book and transforming them into stories of your own, because Stark City is ultimately about your heroes and their stories, an additional player to add to the ensemble cast of your ICONS game. 

The Great Game is something different. Still a setting, it's for galactic & space-based superheroic gaming. I really love the homages to various seminal characters and organizations in comic books, and the twists are very interesting in pulling together various elements of the settings into a cohesive whole. Take a peek:
  • A mad god searches for a dark ritual that will give him the means to destroy the universe.
  • A corrupt space-police organization enslaves civilized worlds to enrich itself.
  • An empire of sentient machines is exterminating any biological life in its path.
  • Pirates prey upon the space-ways with impunity

Worth a look? You betcha.

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