Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lords of Pandius: Conversion Test Drive

Well, I've returned to my conversion of Mystaran Immortals to Lords of Olympus and found that my conversion still needs tweaking. Let's take a look at the first pass on the first five Immortals (in alphabetical order):

As you can see, the STR conversion results in Heroic and Mortal Might for Immortals from Immortal Levels 3 to 32! That's wrong, so I have to re-tool that bit.

The others seem to work out, but the Natural AC base seems to be far too stratified, wherein an Immortal with only a -1 difference in AC will automatically grant superiority over others. May have to fix that too.

However, I'm also dissatisfied with the fact that some of these Immortals have very different INT values, some higher than their STR values, going into the 90s ranges; surely that should have an impact on their abilities somewhere?

I think I'll finish all the Mystaran Immortals first, though, before starting to retool again.

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