Monday, September 9, 2013

D&D 30day Challenge: Day06 - Favorite Deity

I've been posting about a lot of deities (mostly from the Roman / Greek tradition), and if the question were really just about them, I'd name Minerva / Athena and probably Apollo and Zeus. But really, almost any of the ones I've covered in this blog are of interest to me.

But this is a D&D challenge question, so I 'd assume it's somehow related to D&D gaming or reading experiences, and I really don't have any that jump to mind.

If Immortals count as deities (in Mystara, they're not gods, y'know), then I'd actually cite Rad (a.k.a. Etienne d'Amberville) who, despite being cast as something of a villain in Wrath of the Immortals, benefits from some familiarity in D&D modules as the person 'released' by adventurers in the X2 module Castle Amber (Chateau d'Ambreville). He comes across as a young Immortal eager to shake up the ways things are done and acts as a sort of controversial POV character who could be counted as a 'contemporary' of adventurers, despite his rather high ranking amongst his kind.

Other gods that have caught my interest in the past were:
  • Seker from the Egyptian pantheon, primarily for his anti-undead abilities according to the AD&D Deities and Demigods book;
  • St. Cuthbert from Greyhawk, who made me wonder at a very young age how saints figured into the D&D game, as I didn't know he wasn't a real saint;
  • Waukeen from Forgotten Realms, due to his ties with commerce, triggering the creation of an overt and covert set of societies in my derailed campaign that would have worked to counter bad trade practices round the Realms.

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