Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lords of Pandius 06 - EGO conversion

This took a while, because I was wrestling with a need to be a bit more symmetrical in how I determined the remaining Primary Abilities for Lords of Olympus in the Mystara setting. Then I thought about the fact that if I was trying to recreate the Wrath of the Immortals (WotI) rules in a different game system, why didn't I just play the WotI game as is?

To that end, I went back to the wordings in the Lords of Olympus RPG and tried to find out if there were equivalent abilities aside from the Ability Scores that reflected it. Here's what I decided:

EGO and Immortals

Ego is described as being very important to mental defense, domination, and the ability communicate with mortals and gods mentally. And it's also important for a lot of the powers of the gods. I therefore decided to take a fresh look at the various WotI tables.

Here's a good candidate:

This table gives us a view of how Immortal levels map against Mental Attacks. Which theoretically gives us a measurement of how many classes there are for Ego!

Progression ranges from 18 to 5, across 36 levels. If we assume that levels 1 through 6 are Olympic Class, then 17 through 5 are the various Numbed Classes (and Tied Numbered Classes).

There are 13 Numbered Classes (First through Thirteenth) for Ego as follows:

Levels 1-6 are Olympic Class
Levels 7-8 are 13th Class
Levels 9-10 are 12th Class
Levels 11-12 are 11th Class
Levels 13-14 are 10th Class
Levels 15-16 are 9th Class
Levels 17-18 are 8th Class
Levels 19-20 are 7th Class
Levels 21-22 are 6th Class
Levels 23-24 are 5th Class
Levels 25-26 are 4th Class
Levels 27-28 are 3rd Class
Levels 29-30 are 2nd Class
Levels 31-33 are Tied 1st Class
Levels 34-36 are 1st Class

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