Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nostalgia: Skyrealms of Jorune

My earliest encounters of Skyrealms of Jorune were ads in Dragon Magazine. The art was interesting -- it had a depth and a weight and was rendered in what I could only refer to as a classical manner.

The alien and human races were interesting to me, primarily because they seemed to somehow interact well enough with one another in the same world, but felt different enough visually to be different species.

I finally picked up a copy (3rd edition, as shown to the right) at a convention. Dundracon, if I recall correctly.

I really liked the art, the world, and the various races and the cultures presented. There was a sense of flailing for me, however, as though I were trying to figure out what common adventures might be like in that world.

These days, I'd put together a campaign that would mix storyline with random encounters (and random plotlines) to mess with the party of PCs seeking citizenship.

I don't remember much about the system, except that I did like the roll of the location of the opening for your attack -- but I did remember sort of flipping frantically through the book to find weapon stats, then the combat progression, and how the muadras worked.

Maybe it's time to read through it again.


  1. Those Dragon Magazine ads were great for invoking a sense of mystery and wonder when it came to game systems, weren't they? In the days before the internet, there wasn't an easy way to get a lot of info on the games in the ads, unless you bought the game outright. I too was intrigued by the Jorune ads, as well as Talislanta.

  2. Ah yes, +Anthony Simeone, Talislanta was indeed another thing that intrigued me.

    And yes, many mysterious RPGs graced the ad pages of Dragon.


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