Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doctor Who Series 07: Spoilers and Speculation

I know it's not really the 7th Season of Doctor Who. It's more like the 7th Season of the Doctor Who series that restarted in 2005. But that's why it says Series instead of Season, hehe.

I did watch some of the old series (primarily reruns of the Tom Baker, Pertwee, Colin Baker, and Sylverster McCoy eras), and am enjoying the current series now.

This is despite the rubbery science of the show (I know that it was originally supposed to be a kid's show), and the episodes where the writing is uneven or with more deus ex machinas than normally seen in a show full of them.

[ did some reformatting on this, because I wanted to put a little bit more spoiler warning -- which has become a thing online -- before the actual spoilers and speculation of the post ]

Spoilers -- I'm not kidding!

In episode 701, a couple of things caught my eye.

First is the supposed nano-infection of Amy Pond by the nanocloud. She was supposed to be slowly turning into a humanoid Dalek -- but because she held onto human emotions (love, primarily), she was able to stave it off long enough to get off-planet. But wouldn't the nano-cloud either continue to convert her, or perhaps remain dormant?

Second, the soon-to-be new companion (Oswin) who apparently dies at the end of the episode, who is apparently a genius, has been [ LAST CHANCE -- SPOILERS! ] fully converted into a Dalek, and is apparently capable of hacking all of Dalekdom -- even capable of erasing the memory of the Doctor from the path web. She also seemed particularly pleased even though she knew she was going to die; almost like she had figured another way out.

Speculation -- worse than Spoilers!

Did she have a way out? We know she's supposed to eventually become the new companion (or perhaps a descendant or relation of hers, it's possible), and we know she'd done at least two impossible things (even for the Doctor) in terms of Dalek technology.

Did she hitch a ride on Amy's latent Dalek-ness?

And what about these rumors that Amy's not necessarily going to die, but instead transform into something else?

Eagerly awaiting the mid-season finale!

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