Friday, July 13, 2012

Dark Corners of Mystara: The Veiled Sisterhood

In one of my older posts, I talked about campaign premises and how they could be used to set up a campaign.

With that as an anchor, I'd like to see if I can tackle the Triskaidekaturions campaign premise that I mentioned there and apply it to a Mystara campaign. This campaign chronicles the adventures of a team or organization that is charged with gathering artifacts together for some unknown purpose -- or perhaps for a purpose other than what they've been told.

To quote myself:
There are powerful NPCs who both help and hinder the PCs (many which are doomed to die, retire, fall from grace and in general be replaced by one or more of the PCs). There is potential for  betrayals and power struggles, and some pretty nasty rival organizations and lone wolf operatives as well.

Initial adventures wouldn't be earth-shattering artifacts, certainly. The low-level characters are little better than goons aiding a lieutenant or sub-lieutenant in:
  • finding clues or individuals who know where certain things are located;
  • finding low-level artifacts;
  • investigating rumors of unusual activity similar to things spoken of in ancient texts;
  • exploring areas with potential artifact treasure;
  • and so on.
But what is this organization?And why are they doing this?

Enter the Veiled Sisterhood -- a league of 13 women who have, for their own reasons, united under a common cause and fund expeditions, explorations, and investigations of the dark corners of Mystara to unearth, appropriate, and hide powerful artifacts. They have build a web of agents and patrons who approach any number of capable individuals or adventuring parties to further their own agendas.

Next steps:
  • reviewing both Mystara and other D&D modules to see which things can be used for this campaign with a little backstory tweaking;
  • reviewing the Gazetteers for places to locate these modules (if they haven't already been placed somewhere in Mystara);
  • writing up my ideas on this blog.

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