Sunday, January 8, 2012

RPG News: The $12 RPG Sale

Animated GIF! Ooooh.

On RPGNow and DriveThruRPG there's a sale currently ongoing. Twenty plus RPGs on sale at $12 apiece. Now may be the time to grab that RPG you've been wanting to get if only it were just a wee bit cheaper.

Here are just a few of the items of interest (to me, anyway):
  • Arcanis: the Roleplaying Game PDF - intriguing for the Roman armor on the cover and the mysterious copy written about heroes returning to the world;
    Artesia: Adventures in the Known World - one of the last few RPGs using Fuzion as the base system, lavishly illustrated by the same artist who created the comic book series;
  • Ashen Stars - one of my faves from Pelgrane Press;
    Buffy RPG Revised Corebook - obviously based on the TV series, has a lean easy-to-learn system and is written so well it conveys the feel of the show through the RPG text;
  • Cthonian Stars Core Setting - Traveller + Mythos, 'nuff said; but it should be noted that it requires the Traveller Main Rulebook to play it;
  • Icons - a popular, rules lite Fate-derived RPG that has a lot of followers and support;
  • Mutant City Blues - for a more gritty taste of metahuman abilities and a game centered around investigating metahuman crimes, this one's for you;
  • Mutants & Masterminds Hero's Handbook - the 3rd edition of a system that not only took from and improved on the D20 ruleset, but also snagged some of the best parts of the old Marvel RPG and DC Heroes RPG and blendered them in;
  • Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies - flying ships and swashbuckling; what's not to like?
  • Traveller Main Rulebook - some of that new old school Science Fiction gaming that spurred a lot of 3rd party support for the setting;
  • Wild Talents 2nd Edition - a much celebrated one-roll-engine powered superhero game system.

Which ones piqued your interest?


  1. Artesia for 12 bucks? Buy it. Buy it. Don't let an opportunity like this go to waste. It's a beutiful book. Buy it or spend the rest of your life being mocked for passing it up.

    Unless you've already got the book, of course. In which case, Kudos!

  2. I did, but not at $12. ARGH!

    No matter, it was a good purchase.


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