Wednesday, January 11, 2012

D&D 5E fallout - interest in other systems

After the 5th Edition news came out, I saw something unusual -- people started talking about non-4E systems.

There were several comments that Pathfinder was identified as one of the causes for D&D 4E being viewed as a misstep, and might be worth checking out. Father Dave made an observation in his ruminations of Pathfinder that 3E onwards might have been emblematic of a generational style of gaming: building a character and testing it against the game environment (similar to some CCG players fascination with Magic: the Gathering's deck building aspect). Others have defended the approach of 4E for future generations of gamers.

Other opinions on G+ and the blogosphere tackle how some people prefer OSR game system due to the faster character creation and ease and speed of play, and how WOTC might in fact plunder all these systems released under the OGL licenses to create their upcoming edition.

Finally, someone mentioned that the identified lead developer (which I have not verified at this time) actually worked on the Blue Rose RPG, which was the first (?) True20 system RPG and helped streamline game play and character creation from the original 3E structure.

End result: the announcement of the upcoming edition has stimulated interest on all flavors of D&D, and some of the system variants that came out of the OGL.

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