Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Other Philippine Bestiaries: from HERO and FHM

Before I continue on the Philippine Bestiary series, I'd be remiss in my HERO duties if I didn't mention Michael Surbrook's two-book masterpiece: Asian Bestiary parts 01 & 02.

You might think that it's system specific, but the HERO system has a way of breaking down abilities and stats in a very detailed manner, so it's actually great as a sourcebook not just for Philippine monsters but for other monsters in the region.

I only have reservations about the art of the Philippine monsters, but you have no shortage of monster art online.

In fact, I'd direct your attention to a series of pics that came out in the local version (Oct 2011 issue) of FHM magazine: a deathmatch series between different Philippine creatures! I stumbled upon this stuff from Trese's website -- it's awesome.

Tikbalang vs. Sigbin!

Bungisngis vs. Nuno sa Punso!

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