Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Enigmundia: Magical Traditions in Zan Lasario

The name of my Karameikos equivalent in Enigmundia is Zan Lasario, and the magical traditions in that place are split between the native traditions, and those of the Zandarians.

Zandarian traditions include
  • the Arcanum -- the most prevalent, most reliable, most taught magical system in the Empire because of the ability to record, replicate, and disseminate spells through magical scrolls; essentially the default D&D magic system;
  • the Gremio Poetica -- rarer, yet potentially more versatile, this magical system is more art than ritual, and is fueled (and occasionally tainted) by the drives and emotions of the casters; essentially the 'sorcerous' D&D magics of 3E in spirit;
Lasario native traditions include
  • Mankulam -- shamanic and insect-oriented spells; draws from the 'druids' of the D&D magics;
  • Salamangka -- elemental-oriented spells that - at their core - summon and control elemental spirits; not sure where to get this from, but since I'm kit-bashing D&D and HERO I'll find a solution.
Yes, I'm borrowing somewhat from the Hinirang setting for the magical tradition names. Easier than thinking up my own.

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