Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mining Firebirds: Bill Coffin's Septimus

I don't remember fully the story behind this. But the story in my memory is that this was one of the last D6 settings that was done by West End Games (and Bill Coffin worked on it). The setting involves a Dyson Sphere, an intergalactic empire in the process of fading from power, and lots of very interesting bits of technology that would be absolutely fascinating to explore from the point of view of the Fading Suns setting.

In this setting, of course, we're looking at Septimus just after its prime. But it's a Dyson Sphere (which in-game is called a Worldsphere), a classic bit of supertechnology consistent with the rumored wonders of Fading Suns' Second Republic!

The sheer size of the setting (with loads of trash and a few potentially dangerous treasures hiding in the ruins) is enough for an entire archeology-based campaign by itself. Of course you could go the Stargate Universe route and have the PCs suddenly cut off from the Known Worlds due to a Jumpgate malfunction and have them try to find a way to open a route back somehow.

Add to that nanomods, genomods, starships, weapons, armor, and psionic abilities (which in-game are called Metaphysics) and you have almost everything you could want as a portion of the huge, sprawling, Second Republic just before the fall.

And it's free to download.


  1. Very intriguing, I have to check this out!

  2. Cool. I didn't know that was a freebie. The great thing about a campaign based around a BDO is that you can drop it into just about any space opera setting. And I never did understand why they decided to call psi abilities "Metaphysics."

  3. @spielmeister: yes, and let me know what you think. since it's d6, it should mesh with the original Star Wars RPG and the D6 Science Fiction setting Astral Empires that I blogged about last month.

    @Jerry Cornelius: Does BDO stand for Big Dumb Object? And yeah, it's a weird term for psionics -- but it does cement my recommendation for use in Fading Suns. Hm. Maybe they get a degree in it and are called Metaphysicians.

  4. Yeah, Big Dumb Object. Things like Dyson spheres, ringworlds, massive ships like Rama, etc.

    And I can picture it now. Player: "I use my Metaphysics on the alien monster!" GM: "OK, you attempt to engage him in a debate about ontology. (rolls) He eats your head."

  5. Fortunately, with Fading Suns, I can just use their terminology -- Psi or Theurgical abilities.

    Metaphysics was just a bad call, naming-wise.


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