Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inspiration: Amaya -- Costumes and Weapons

Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to find a way to watch the episodes of this show, and trying to find screencaps online.

Aside from the titular Amaya, I've been able to find some pics from the launch of the show that displays the attire of the menfolk of the series.

But first, some backstory on the setup of the show that I've been able to piece together:

Amaya is a child of prophecy. A fortune-teller tells a villainous Datu that his reign will end when a special woman (who is a child right now, twin to a snake) will kill him. While this Datu applies the Herod approach to various populations, another Datu hides his daughter as a 'slave girl' adopted into his family of daughters (not too clear on how that works yet) and as she is raised she grows into the very person the villainous Datu fears.

Cool. But I'm really more into it for the visuals and the fights and the production itself. So here are some of the guys outfits.

So the guy on the right seems to show the general shape of the pre-spanish costumes. Those are tattoos on his chest -- in one episode I saw young man's shins recovering from being tattooed as he was talking to someone else -- meaning something significant that I must research further.

Weapons seem to be a long blade (a kampilan perhaps), and a short blade (probably a barong). Given the amount of jungle outdoorsy stuff that they probably have to do, regardless of station, the short blade probably gets more usage than the long blade.

The lack of armor also means that battles are about swordplay, probably shieldwork, and a lot of positioning, footwork, and the classic triad of power, speed, and accuracy.

Looks cool.

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