Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Isle Imperium: Buying Shard Abilities

In one of my posts, I mentioned the early shards that our group carried around.

However, what wasn't clear about those shards and their importance in that post is that you can "buy" abilities from them. These abilities form your 'pool' of abilities whenever you're 'sharded'.

For example:

Mantius has no abilities, but wears the shard Ossis Potior (Bone Collector). This shard gives him the following abilities:

Actions -- must be triggered conscsiously
1 - turn undead (essentially a variant on the classic turning of undead)
2 - command undead (similar mechanic to turn undead, but allows simple commands to be issued)
3 - ossiary (allows the collection of a specific bone from the undead creature which grants special abilities to Ossis Potior)
4 - defiance (ridiculously powerful ability for such a basic version of the shard -- full heal 1x per combat)

Supports -- always on
1 - heart + 1 (bonus to one of the attributes in our homebrew game system)
2 - sleep ward (awakens when enemies enter a given area when the shard bearer is asleep)

Reactions -- trigger when near death
1 - deadeye (double damage to all melee strikes to undead)

Once I've 'purchased' all these abilities with a currency I'll discuss later, these abilities can still be available to me when I wear a different shard like Sanomagus (White Mage) or Pandus Phantasmis (Phantom Archer).

However, there is a limit to the number of Actions, Supports, and Reactions you can have at a given time -- so while your pool may be large, if you don't 'purchase' more slots in each of these areas, your flexibility is still limited.


  1. Nice. I like the sound of this system. This makes the shards make a lot more sense and I like the sound of them more now. I wasn't quite sure how they worked in the game. Very cool.


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