Sunday, May 29, 2011

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.14 -- The Second and First Numbers

As ALINA continues her boat building, MANTIUS receives an invitation from the Warder of the Second Number to a casual gathering between the two groups. The party accepts, and travels through the Great Accord of the Saint of Saints (made possible through Judith and VARIAN) to the location of the Second’s vault. Greetings and introductions are exchanged between the party and:

ELINORA, mounted by the Black Greave Warder
FIDA, mounted by the Faceless Queen
CARITAS, mounted by the Glaive Vanguard
HELENA, mounted by the Gilded Cannoneer
JIRI, mounted by the Pyre Talon
GELOVA, mounted by the Feylight Juggernaut
JUDITH, mounted by the Saint of Saints
LUCIA, mounted by the Keeper of the Vault

Much eating and conversation follows, in which many things are both discovered and revealed, including:
  • the party’s relative youth and inexperience
  • the probability that the Hyperion Juggernaut is not irreparably lost after all, since ARCTURUS still has its bond ring
  • the three Saints of Saints
  • the process of accomplishment
  • the Renegade Warder’s long ago disappearance with the Prodigious Scholar
  • the Harmonic Warder’s offense
  • the trade of Caritas from the First to the Second
  • the prevalence of predatory dueling among the Ten, particular with regard the First Number
Often misunderstood, Mantius did his best
to mend fences with the Second Number.
After the meal, the Second, led by Judith but apparently spearheaded by Fida, generously offer to grant the party “anything they need” that the Second can provide. Upon consultation with the group, Mantius cordially turns the offer down, but his refusal is misinterpreted as an insult, and the party is courteously yet coldly conveyed back to their beach.

Upon their return, they find Alina on the beach in conversation with none other SENATOR PATRICUS of the First Number, with an unidentified male figure seeming to watch them at some distance. After waving the male figure away, Patricus genially takes his leave, making a point of explaining that he has traveled to greet them instead of his warder since they have no warder at present. Following Patricus’s departure, Alina explains that he has been asking her questions (all of which she answered with lies) and additionally, left a gift for them. Investigation reveals that it is a receptacle containing a substantial amount of experience, which, despite some misgivings, they share out among themselves.

The party goes on to join Alina as she puts the finishing touches on the boat, in the process adding to their experience by fighting the “beasties” Alina tells them had been plaguing her and Rodrigo. They defeat a total of seven of the huge tentacular sea creatures, not without some difficulty since the last five attack as a group and thus very nearly cause the party’s demise.

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