Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fading Suns 3rd Edition: New Blogposts on System

There are some very interesting blog posts that reveal more of the revisions to the game system on the official Fading Suns site.

The first one shows how character creation would go using the lifepath system. It reveals the stats that are used, the skills that are used, and how some kind of character concept would be used to shape the character creation options. Of interest also is the Glitch pool, touched on in an earlier blog post about cybernetics. It's a bit long, but there are a LOT of things you can glean from reading it.

What also strikes me is how easy it should be to compress the stats block for future NPCs that I plan to create on this blog when 3rd Edition comes out.

The second one shows how both physical and social conflict would be resolved. Having read prior posts and being familiar with the native FS1/FS2 combat systems, the physical conflict explanation holds few surprises except for the inclusion of stances. The stances (aggressive, defensive, and balanced) are also used in the social conflict and are intriguing from a tactical perspective -- I remember my first exposure to how stances might be used in Hero Games' Ultimate Martial Artist rules and always wanted to make them more standard since they are (literally) a foundation for nearly all martial arts styles.

So, despite some of the heat poured on the system and setting changes on (which was apparently resolved by some very mature self-moderation by posters -- well done!), I for one, am intrigued by the changes and hope to see them work really well for the return of Fading Suns!

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