Monday, May 23, 2011

Bay Area Champions -- Part 4: The Myth of Omega Man

Continuing the series of installments on my short story, here's the fourth one.

The Myth of Omega Man

I Remember Omega Man is a page-turner, a thriller, and a tribute to a beloved defender of the people. It is also a white-washed, sanitized, and sometimes utterly inaccurate account of Omega Man’s death on Boa.

Contrary to the novel’s depiction of Omega Man’s heroic last stand against all six hundred sixty-six members of the Bones Corps, all survivor accounts – including the deposition made by Alexandra Raven at Krusader’s trial – corroborate the identity of Omega Man’s murderer.

It was a Bone Corpsman, clad not in the rags and tatters of his peers, but in a dark echo of Omega Man’s cape and armor. On his face: featureless mask made from the same silver-grey metal as the Omega Bands, its forehead adorned with a stylized and curlicued Omega symbol.

Also contrary to the novel’s portrayal of the terrified survivors’ flight before the full might of the Bones Corps, the battle actually left them.

“More than half of us couldn’t fly, and those of us who could just weren’t in the same league,” said Freddy Killowatt. “We only knew Omega Man was dead for sure when we ran into that Bones bastard again, and he was wearing Mask and the Bands. I hope to God all those bombs were enough to fry that (expletive), I really do.”

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