Monday, February 21, 2011

Reading Room: the Stars Without Number skim -- part 04


Hello! I went to skip ahead and look at factions and skimmed through the 15 pages that cover it. Funny thing is, I did this to avoid the character creation exercise that I normally need to perform to understand a game -- but factions is essentially a mini-game to help simulate how various organizations and communities grow and achieve (or fail to achieve) their goals. Faction "character" creation, conflict resolution, goals, growth, and so on.

So we'll be getting back to that later. Lots of meat in that section as well, let's see how it plays in the future with three factions in conflict with one another.

Okay, time to go back to Character Creation!

Character Creation

The first step is rolling up character attributes. Rules do give the GM leeway for alternative rolling options, but we can use the default method for the first character build -- 3d6 for each attribute in order. Moving points between scores is allowed on a 1-to-1 basis, BUT this method has some limitations:

(1) no lowering a high score below 13;
(2) no raising a low score above 8.

So, let's see what we get:

Strength      14
Intelligence  11

Wisdom        10
Dexterity     11
Constitution  13
Charisma      10

Well, that was a surprise. Not bad at all. Rules say that the Warrior's prime requisites are Str and Dex, and that I can replace one of these stats with a value of 14 to reflect the aptitude for the class. Since Str is already at 14, I think I'll have Dex upped to 14 as well.

So, I've rolled up my attributes, and decided my character class, and adjusted my attributes accordingly. Next is to flesh out my new Warrior character in Stars Without Number. Here are the stats at this stage:

This is, of course, Andy Lau in Future X-Cops attire. I'll use him as
Philip Tang for now to give me a face and coolness to aspire to.
Strength      14 (+1)
Intelligence  11

Wisdom        10
Dexterity     14 (+1)
Constitution  13
Charisma      10

Let's roll up his name using the Resources section. I'll take a male first name from the English section and a surname from the Chinese section for this guy:
90 (Philip) + 78 (Tang).

Okay, Philip Tang, let's see what you're made of in the next installment of Reading Room.

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