Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quickie Post: Various Possible RPG Projects

Work is piling up, we're getting ready to shift condo units, and I've just started an ambitious writing schedule with our local group of speculative fiction writers. That means this blog will suffer!

But I do like blogging about RPGs -- it's my escape from stress -- so what to do? To avoid the "what do I write about" blues, I'm really thinking of setting a topic a week / RPG category per weekday philosophy. But there are also other little projects I'd like to do:

1. mess around with Stars Without Numbers, particularly the faction rules.
2. continue character creation for Labyrinth Lord & Stars Without Number.
3. build an OSR-ish fantasy RPG with the Hero System 6th Edition ruleset.
4. continue posting on a revised Mystara setting.
5. continue posting on Fading Suns setting observations.

We'll just have to push forward and see.

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