Thursday, August 15, 2019

Campaign Frame: Future Earth-641 (part 01)

My past posts regarding Earth-641 were various pieces of an aggregate world that tried to pull together two major comic book universes (DC & Marvel) along with bits of others into a single kitchen sink setting.

However, the recent news concerning the Legion of Super-Heroes and the future of DC Comics has begun my creative wheels spinning for the setting in a new direction.

Future Earth-641

Directly inspired by the reports and press releases regarding the (as of this post date) upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium, I've turned my thoughts toward the idea of creating a similar future of Earth-641 for the kind of galaxy-spanning super-heroic adventure that I like.
At the center of the campaign would be an organization not unlike the LSH, or perhaps a future incarnation of the Justice League, that would grant opportunities for super-heroic gaming like:
  • a high-tech home base
  • interstellar legitimacy as a legal entity
  • organization-wide gear and vehicles
  • coordination with interstellar peacekeeping organizations
  • reasons to have characters with a variety of powers and backgrounds
  • reasons to break into teams and follow different plots and plot threads
  • options to play multiple characters as those threads unfold
  • lots of myriad corners of the galaxy to explore -- with different challenges and antagonists to encounter and overcome
Furthermore, the planned storyline seems to allow for the various futures of DC to be unified, meaning it could be mined to allow for the ff. to all exist in the same 'verse:
  • OMAC
  • Batman Beyond
  • Kamandi
  • Tommy Tomorrow
To which I would gleefully add in my version:
So, those are the broad strokes. Let's see if I can figure out more ways into the setting and the overall campaign frame to flesh it out.


  1. As a HUGE Legion of Superheroes fan I am intrigued to hear more.

    You site all the reasons why a LSH campaign would be awesome. Am I understanding that you would also include Marvel Comics elements? How you would fit in some of that as well as the other materials you mention interests me. I am a bit of a Legion purist (loosely defined in this case) so it's hard for me to see adding in that outside stuff.

  2. The Marvel side of things is going to be a bit thin, as I really only have the original Guardians of the Galaxy in mind at this point.

    What kind of Legion purist? After all, there are many versions including the upcoming reboot(?)

    1. The Legion proper, for me, is everything pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths. Everything since is an alternate timeline, a parallel world, or whathaveyou. That is of course, because they are.

    2. Hahaha, I actually have a theory about that -- though you really won't get totally purist stuff from my future posts. In my other Earth-641 posts, I've even pulled in stuff from Japanese live action series like Ultraman.

      Do you count the Adventure Comics stuff that Levitz worked on in recent years?


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