Thursday, March 26, 2020

Rising from the Ashes: A Fading Suns Kickstarter!

There's a Kickstarter for Fading Suns!

Yes, Fading Suns fans! At long last, we have a chance at seeing a new version of one of our favorite Science Fantasy settings and games.

Updates from Ulisses Spiele

Here's what you can get if you back at the Digital Apprentice level (50 Euros or about 55 USD):

  • The Universe Book (112 pages) presents the setting for Fading Suns: its history, society, and astro-geography. Herein you will encounter nobles, priests, guilders, aliens, psychics, cyborgs, and more.
  • The Character Book (272 pages) presents the game system and player characters for Fading Suns. This book includes character creation rules for all the major factions, as well as technological equipment, starships, psychic powers, and theurgic rites.
  • The Gamemaster Book (96 pages) presents people, places, and plots for Fading Suns. Herein are guidelines for creating dramas for the player troupe and how to populate them with all manner of non-player-character allies, rivals, and foils. An example drama is included, as well as a roll-by-roll description of play.
  • plus, any applicable stretch goals.
How do you feel about this Kickstarter? Will you be backing it?


  1. Always loved the concept of this game, I got the original rules when they came out years ago. Sadly it never took off in my area but, I'm hopeful with this reboot!

    1. happy you'll get another chance at it. I understand that there are some 'team mechanics' that may encourage team play more.

  2. Thanks Alex, the team mechanics does look encouraging, now to rig up the video conferencing in the new age of social our version of the dark ages !

    1. Good luck! Always important to find that optimal mix of tools for your new gaming crew.


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