Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ships Without Number: Artificial Gravity and the Post-Scream Universe

The Stars Without Number universe has a lot of variance in tech levels, enough to make the expeditionary fleet I've been thinking of interesting.

While many of the newer ships would be more akin to the designs of Jovian Chronicles (no artificial gravity, rotational sections, and constant 1G thrust) and similar settings, there would be some space for Star Trek-inspired ships.

The idea is that, with the current level of technology (and psychic construction) they can only achieve Star Trek: TOS levels of starships. And with the limited number of psychics, there are limits to how many can be produced in a solar cycle.

The fleet will therefore have a mix of mostly lower tech ships (which will be higher tech in some areas of non-psychic technology), and a small cluster of slowly growing artificial gravity, transporter-capable ships.


  1. Cool! Having a mix of a great idea. Gives the GM a way of saying "this is a low tech ship" without starting explicitly.

  2. That's true, there'd be some sort of count of ships of each type, when engaging with a known enemy. However, it also means that there might be lopsided battles.

    And what of other severed sector inhabitants that they encounter?


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