Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Confederation Chronicles: A Gumshoe Sidestory

I've been reading through Ashen Stars and began looking at ways to integrate it into the Stars Without Number setting. I suppose it's due to my curiosity about Gumshoe's focus on both investigation issues in RPGs AND about tackling the procedural format in gaming sessions.

My original concept for the Confederation Chronicles tackles an all-out exploration / expeditionary approach to the Stars Without Number setting & system.

The setting is different, but not campaign shatteringly so. There are echoes of Stars Without Number here, and the mystery of the Mohilar war certainly has resonances similar to the Scream of SWN.

In the end, it's the campaign framework I'm looking at testing, and having Lazers trolling the Bleed to solve mysteries and uphold justice on the frontier does have a nice feel to it.


  1. Great idea which I can see working well.

  2. Ditto. I think they would combine fairly well.

  3. +John Till & +Trey, thanks! I hope it works out!

  4. "Lazers trolling the Bleed"! RPGs have the best indecipherable jargon outside insurance.

    H&R CV1 FTY ROW to CV2 & R/E P&U IV.


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