Monday, September 2, 2013

D&D 30day Challenge: Day02 - Favorite Playable Race


I never really got to play them, as my original gaming group in the U.S. was very anti-halfling and anti-elf (though they tolerated half-elves). But as I mentioned in my old post, "Halflings are hard-core!", the Jeff Dee halfling was my inspiration for a fun playable race -- certainly not the singing and dancing hobbits of LOTR (though I enjoyed their stories, mind you). I wanted the lean, tough, dangerous halflings that I saw on the early modules.

I even tried to rebuild the halflings of old in 3E, though it ran counter to the 'iconic' Halfling Thief there. Perhaps I shall do a tour of halflings in all the OSR books that I own (plus 3E, not 3.5) to review how they've changed over the years.

Perhaps we should encourage shifting away from the old naming conventions, to reflect a different kind of nature to this race -- names that evoke awe and fear!

Kill that orc, Godzilla Tyson! For the glory of the Shire!


  1. I've always liked that Dee pic as well.

  2. That Dee pic is awesome. Of course the debates it started in my group on whether or not halflings should have pointed ears.

  3. Always preferred humans as a playable race.


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