Monday, September 2, 2013

D&D 30day Challenge: Day02 - Favorite Playable Race


I never really got to play them, as my original gaming group in the U.S. was very anti-halfling and anti-elf (though they tolerated half-elves). But as I mentioned in my old post, "Halflings are hard-core!", the Jeff Dee halfling was my inspiration for a fun playable race -- certainly not the singing and dancing hobbits of LOTR (though I enjoyed their stories, mind you). I wanted the lean, tough, dangerous halflings that I saw on the early modules.

I even tried to rebuild the halflings of old in 3E, though it ran counter to the 'iconic' Halfling Thief there. Perhaps I shall do a tour of halflings in all the OSR books that I own (plus 3E, not 3.5) to review how they've changed over the years.

Perhaps we should encourage shifting away from the old naming conventions, to reflect a different kind of nature to this race -- names that evoke awe and fear!

Kill that orc, Godzilla Tyson! For the glory of the Shire!

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