Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lords of Pandius 07 - PROWESS and Immortals

I'm basing it on Armor Class.

In Lords of Olympus, Prowess is defined as a combination of physical skill in combat, as well as a grasp of strategy and tactics. Intelligence might modify it, but since the rules say that intellect isn't a Primary Ability, we only go with combat skill. I could base it on either the Immortal Level or Hit Dice, giving me 35 Class Rankings of Prowess (zounds!) or I could compress it a bit by going with Armor Class. So, I'm basing it on Armor Class, coz the straight progression irks me a bit.

Using Immortal Armor Class, the following would occur:

AC 0 is Olympic Class
AC -1 is 18th Class
AC -2 is 19th Class

and so on until

AC -20 is First Class.

There's an interesting effect as well, where the first 6 Immortal Levels are essentially the same Class ranking, while Immortal Levels 27 to 36 have a Class ranking each level.

Next: Summarizing the Primary Ability conversion approaches + Costs of each Class ranking

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