Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Collection of Aspects

Here's my collection of aspects from the Echoes campaign so far.

My original aspects start with the middle row:

Anima: Emotion -- somehow tied to the sense of emotion, or perhaps control over it; has been successfully used to make someone flee from me in fear.

Anima: Thought -- my birth aspect, and therefor cannot be taken from me; seems to be tied to refinement of thought, but I may be able to push it into the realm of telepathy or even mental control. Not sure yet, though it has been used successfully on certain elemental creatures with that particular effect.

Metal: Blade -- no successful use at this time.

Wood: Tree -- was used in combat defensively, when facing down a lightning elemental; in conjunction with other attributes, was able to absorb lightning attacks and channel them into the ground like a tree.

The bottom aspect is also thought, but in an unfamiliar world and an unfamiliar element structure.

The top aspect is an 'angelic aspect' whose provenance is still unknown; it has, however, driven (in concert with three other angelic aspects) what seemed to be a demonic aspect from reality.

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