Monday, January 7, 2013

Star Frontiers - Core Races

Where's your gun, man?
I was re-reading my relatively new copies of the Star Frontiers - Alpha Dawn boxed set, and I was struck by the care put into creating very interesting non-human PC races. The aliens are alien enough, and interesting enough to make them intriguing to play, but they're also given nice 'hooks' to allow the human players to play them plausibly.

My race of choice was the Yazirian race, but now the Vrusk appeal to me more. Which would probably drive me to the Dralasite as, stat-wise, they are apparently a tougher, stronger race than the others.

I also am interested in the original plans for the Sathar as a player race, and then their plans for the Sathar when it became a villain race.

You should probably check out the interview in the latest Star Frontiersman to see what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I may steal quite a bit of this for both Fading Suns and Stars Without Number campaigns.


  1. zuraquor, ssesu (nice mercantile sathar)and saurians all good too - zebs guide races less thrilling but volturus races ok

  2. Not familiar with those races. Shall have to check out Zebulon's Guide. What's the Volturnus thing? The modules?


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