Monday, November 19, 2012

Fading Suns: Grasscutter Season 01 -- Mysteries & Secrets

These are some of my old campaign planning notes for a Fading Suns campaign that I ran a while back:

The Imperial Frigate Grasscutter, under the command of Captain Tokudane Li Halan, plies the jumpgates of the Known Worlds to unravel the mystery of the Fading Suns. Grasscutter, a powerful ship of mysterious origin, is owned by the mysterious captain but pledged to the service of the Emperor.

The Player Characters have, for one reason or another, been assigned to serve for a year on Grasscutter as field agents. They are members of a team assigned to gather information, procure artifacts, and otherwise execute operations critical to the mission of the Grasscutter. Some have been sought after by the captain, while others have been forced upon him. None are what they seem.

In the course of the campaign, all the characters will discover secrets - about the captain, about Grasscutter itself, and -- most importantly -- about themselves. Once the secrets are all revealed, they may demand painful changes from those who know.

Dramatis Personae
Grasscutter Crew (NPCs)

  • Captain Tokudane Li Halan – Captain of the Grasscutter
  • 1st Lt. Cervantes Weston Hawkwood – Lieutenant attached to the Master Pilot
  • 1st Lt. Jose Apacible Decados – Lieutenant attached to the Master Engineer
  • 1st Lt. Maria Josefina Hazat – Lieutenant attached to the Master Gunner
  • Johann Schmidt – Master of the Grasscutter
  • Yolanda Bermudes – Bosun of the Grasscutter
  • Abraham Jones – Master Gunner of the Grasscutter
  • Martha Apollo XIII – Master Marine of the Grasscutter
  • Thalia di Terlizi – Master Purser of the Grasscutter
  • Olaf Dzunza – Master Cook of the Grasscutter
  • Charioteer Genevieve Latham – Master Pilot of the Grasscutter
  • Charioteer Dennis Loyola – Master Engineer of the Grasscutter

Field Agents (PCs)

  • Azure al Malik – Noble and Psychic
  • Ishmael Li Halan – Noble and Eskatonic Theurgist
  • Strayven An-Yong – Charioteer
  • Engineer Iovna – Engineer
  • Solomon Darlowe – Imperial Eye Reclaimer
  • Chastity Ironthighs – Crusty Old Muster Veteran
  • Abbot E. Costello – Bumbling Scraver
  • Sister Phaedra Stone – Amalthean Healer

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