Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inspiration: Diwanis of the Enchanted Garden

Here are some pics from a new Philippine Fantaserye titled Enchanted Garden. Don't know too much about it, aside from the fact that they've signed up some of the sexiest women in Philippine Showbiz (and one of the funniest -- I love Ruffa Mae Quinto's comedy work). Pictured below are the Diwani (a play on diwata, commonly translated as being a faery or nymph, but closer in local myth to being a local goddess of nature).

Here they are while I figure out what the show's about.

Diwani Alvera played by Alice Dixon

Diwani Valerianna portrayed by Ruffa Gutierrez

Diwani Quassia portrayed by Ruffa Mae Quinto


  1. here's the funny thing -- one of the possible meanings for the word Diwani in Hindi is 'crazy girl.' :-D

  2. Dammit, Dariel -- how do you know so much?


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