Monday, July 16, 2012

Enigmundia: Cantrips of the Faithful (RQ6)

In Enigmundia, the faithful followers of the Pio Familia (Holy Family) and the powerful Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) faction in particular, were taught rote prayers that would aid them in their daily lives. While ostensibly calling on the power of the Tres Hermanas, they only seem to work easily (+25 to +05% to skill roll depending of the size and holiness of the relics that consecrate the locations) within a certain distance of a city or town or shrine consecrated to them.

Beyond that, it becomes more difficult to call upon these effects (standard roll), and in wilder areas less frequented by mortals, they do so at a penalty (-5% to -25%).

In RQ6 terms, this is a reskinned Folk Magic skill with the following prayers (spells) associated with the Pio Familia. The format: prayer name (RQ6 Folk Magic spell) -- other spell notes.
  • Prayer to the Watchers of the Threshold (Alarm) - a plea to the Watchers -- messengers of the Pio Familia set over a house or home -- to aid mortals who must guard doorways or homes.
  • Prayer against the Evil Eye (Avert) - a call to the power of the Tres Hermanas to banish curses.
  • Prayer for Peace (Calm) - an appeal to the Tres Hermanas for the triumph of reason over rage.
  • Prayer for a Watcher's Aid (Coordination, Might, or Mobility) - a plea to the Watchers to guide one's hand or enhance one's skill.
  • Prayer for a Watcher's Strength (Might) - a plea to the Watchers to lend a portion of their strength to mere mortals.
  • Prayer for a Watcher's Wings (Mobility) - a plea to the Watchers to lend a portion of their fleetness to mere mortals.
  • Prayer for Protection from Harm (Protection) - a plea to the Tres Hermanas to cloak the target in the safety of their robes.

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