Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inspiration: More Prometheus

The international trailer of Prometheus is revealing even more about the movie. In line with my prior posts, I like looking at films like this and seeing what they might contribute to games I run and backstories that I concoct.

The clearest element here is the concept of the 'alien gods' and that our understanding of science and magic is pitiful compared to the scope that they operate on.

Another element here is that of mere mortals who seek to interact with the 'gods' and their artifacts. Unlike the traditional campaign, which tends to treat godly artifacts as compliant tools, it is argued here that -- like the One Ring -- they may have purposes and agendas that humanity tends to ignore or misinterpret.

And the consequences rarely turn out in favor of humanity.

Which brings me to ruminate on Mystara's Wrath of the Immortals campaign, which I'll tackle in another post...

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