Friday, May 18, 2012

Dark Corners of Mystara: Strange Waters

Between the post I did on rivers in Enigmundia and this post on Ports in Mystara by Bruce Heard (yes, that Bruce Heard), I've been giving serious though to revisiting not just Karameikos, but all of the locales in terms of waterways.

It can be easier to bring large amounts of heavy material up and down these waterways, and I'm thinking ore and building materials that tend to break axles and wheels.

The Riverfork Woods on the border of the Five Shires and Karameikos is a location that draws my attention in particular. Despite being near a swamp, it would be a locus for trade especially given all the hilly terrain in that area. The Riverfork Keep would probably be a critical rally point for fair trade, given the proximity of the Blight Swamp and the Baron in Fort Doom. Mistress Saschia in Luln would probably ensure regular caravans to the north for trade rather than deal with the Baron von Hendricks to the southwest.


  1. Son: Are we close to Alphatia, yet?
    Father: Shut up and row!


    Hey, go right ahead with the project, by sail or by oar. I think it's a great idea.

  2. Rowing is better than swimming!

    Thanks, I don't know much about boats and ships. But rivers as trade and travel channels are interesting me now.


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