Saturday, November 5, 2011

On the Radar: Pelgrane Press's entry into OSR Westerns

This post by Pelgrane Press indicates that an RPG is in development called Owl Hoot Trail. It seems to be a Western RPG, but with an old school feel.

As stated in the post, there are several character classes that have some correlation to the classic D&D character classes:
  • the Lawman comes across as paladin-ish
  • the Scout seems ranger-y
  • the Scoundrel is theif-ish
  • the Gunslinger and the Ruffian are fighter-y
  • the Gadgeteer echoes the flash and the prepared / limited use nature of the wizards
  • the Mentalist takes on more the mental / illusionary abilities of the wizards and illusionists
  • the Preacher seems to be a cleric
  • the Shaman is more like a wizard tied to specific nature spirits, though I hesitate to call 'em druids.
I look forward to this release!

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