Sunday, November 27, 2011

Isle Imperium: Shard Art - part 3

And here's the last of this shard art sequence until I can go back and take more pictures.

We have Speculum Magus, the Mirror Mage on the left -- a shard that we never really got to use. We do speculate that the abilities had the ability to reflect attacks, to create illusions, and perhaps to replicate abilities of opponents (at higher levels).

The Rhythmic Warrior seems to have been music-based, but also a type of fighting shard known as a martial (short for martial artist). Some martials start off with no weapon-based abilities, and as they progress begin to allow wearing weapons and armor; others seem to remain the same, but their abilities increase as the shard mount becomes more powerful / worthy.

We never really got to unlock all the abilities of all the shards before the Legion portion of Isle Imperium ended and we shifted to the Adamantine Court in Selasse many decades later.


  1. Was Isle: Imperium a homebrew, based on a videogame, or something else entirely?
    --Colour me confused. :o


  2. Isle Imperium was a homebrew by a GM who many decades ago created several different magic systems. This one was inspired by D&D, Final Fantasy, and other sources (classic myth and history). :p

    An earlier part of the ubercampaign, Isle, involved a magic system of Crafts, which I'll write about after I put together a simplified version of the Shard system out with mechanics.

  3. Great. Thanks.
    --Looking forward to the Shard systems. :)


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