Sunday, November 27, 2011

Isle Imperium: Shard Art - part 2

This is the next batch of shards done for the Isle: Imperium game.

There is the shard from the Emerald Legion known as the Black Dragon Third Hell Talon -- part of the family of Black Dragon shards which tend to belong to a family or clan and are passed down through generations. Like all shards in its line, it has ridiculous prerequisites and requirements, and -- like most shards from its Legion -- has ridiculous Brightlight requirements to use abilities.

It should not be confused with the Talon line of Shards which belong to a different Legion entirely. Talons from that lineage -- like the Phantom Talon shown here -- tend to have abilities that allow them jumping and flight, and long range abilities that allow ranged attacks.

My own character, Mantius, only dabbled with one Talon shard, but did take on a Phantom shard -- the Phantom Archer -- for quite a while. Phantom abilities were obviously related to intangibility and spirit manipulation and were awesome for getting out of traps.

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