Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspiration: Jungle Zombies

With shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Shaun of the Dead, and the upcoming World War Z flick sure to fan the flames of zombie mania, an indie film concerning the same subject matter may seem like a rehash of the same subject matter.

However, this movie -- Di Ingon 'Nato -- seems to suggest otherwise.

Based on the trailer above (subtitled for people like me who don't speak Bisaya -- the local language spoken in Cebu in addition to Filipino and English) it seems to really showcase some of the inherent differences that a change in location -- particularly a non-first-world country -- will make to the basic zombie formula, such as:
  • lots of trees that block sight (some of which are mango trees -- Cebu has some of the sweetest mangoes in the world)
  • reliance on both science and syncretic beliefs (religion, superstition, and magic)
  • lack of a lot of modern conveniences (the lady in orange shown carrying a large corrugated metal pan with clothes in it is going to wash her clothes at the local water source)
  • roads that don't go straight, but follow the curvature of the land, resulting in many blind spots
  • communication issues (cellphone signals blocked by mountains, phone cables to expensive to roll out to the poor rural areas because of the lack of a paying user base)
  • and so on.

What will it inspire? Well, aside from an obvious Romero zombie-inspired campaign, perhaps a different look at how monstrous infestations might be handled in places that are familiar with the modern world but don't have access to all its conveniences.

As a quick aside, Di Ingon 'Nato is translated in the disseminated materials as meaning "Not Like Us". The connotations of the phrase, however include spirits, ghosts, and demons. In fact, some I've talked to actually think of it as a noun, rather than a phrase, used to indicate that there are inhuman things lurking in a given place.

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