Sunday, August 7, 2011

Isle Imperium: Episode 1.17 -- Mission Season Part 1

With considerable difficulty, the party manages to transport the large box through the blue-suffused surroundings to the outpost of Tergoth, despite being separated several times due to the chaotic nature of the area and having to contend with Shrieking Titans, The Headless, and the deaths of most party members upon having to pass through the boundary between blue and non-blue environments (negated by DUMAS, as Cerulean Mediator).
  • Prompted by ARCTURUS’S cold foretelling (one of the abilities of the Winterheart Oracle), MANTIUS, as Renegade Warder, enables ALECTO to access an advanced ability of the Body Servant and assume amphibious form in order to recover two sound-deadening stones from beneath a local lake, thus fulfilling the secondary mission, The Silence of Falling Stars.
  • Upon delivery of the box, the Ruby Blood Cloak Warder ANTIPAS physically threatens Mantius, but is stopped by ALINA in her capacity as Sanomagus. She is then detained by Antipas, and only recovered later through the interference of the Renegade Warder and Bejeweled Nuncio.
  • The party ventures into the Imperium environs to recover the lost Blue Mage shard, only to discover that the area has become infested by the blue. Despite great difficulty and danger, they are able to find the shard and escape, through VARIAN’S shadow door and Dumas’s bluffing of the gate guardian.
  • Mantius is summoned by the PEERLESS LAMBENT WARDER to account for the party’s interference in another number’s mission by having entered the Imperium environs. He explains, and the group is penalized by being assigned to assist the First Number in their aforementioned unique mission.
  • The party decides to contact the First in order to explain what has occurred, in the course of which they meet some more members of the First: MASTER ORINUS, mounted by the Bleak Soul Alchemist; TOLIRUS, mounted by the Abyssal Helm Warder; and young LEONTES, mounted by the Voice of Thunder.

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