Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hari Ragat Review

There's been a fresh batch of posts over at the Hari Ragat Games blog, and I was struck by the need to make a list of the posts there so far -- for my own use in cobbling together a semi-Filipino setting. I'd be primarily interested in taking stuff from here for the non-Spanish influenced portions of the setting, so here goes:


Project: Hari Ragat -- the first post; gives the general scope of the project
Hari Ragat: Core Stories -- establishes the possible campaign premises of the setting
Hari Ragat: Levels of Play -- establishes the three 'heroic levels' of play for the game setting
Hari Ragat: Voyage Narrative Structure -- more on campaign premises, primarily dealing with the structure of adventures
Hari Ragat: Reasons for Voyaging -- a random table for generating adventures
Hari Ragat: Pledges -- another option to motivate adventuring


Hari Ragat: Creation Myths -- useful for establishing the mystical side of the setting, as well as history
Hari Ragat: Gods & Religion -- useful for understanding the mystical pantheon from gods down to the spirits
Hari Ragat: Searfaring Traditions -- useful for culture, the seafaring aspect of the setting, and the cool parallels drawn between the local seafaring cultures and the viking culture
Hari Ragat: Epic Feasts -- notes on food and feasts for the culture
Hari Ragat: Warrior Colors -- colors in warrior attire and how they reflect a character's history and stature
Hari Ragat: Hot Buttons -- controversial topics that are part of the historical aspects of the setting and thoughts on how to deal with these optional aspects


Hari Ragat: Roles -- character templates/classes/options list
Hari Ragat: A Warrior's Assets -- deals with the beginning wealth of a character (not just wealth, but gear, lands owned, retinue, etc.)
Hari Ragat: Treasures -- different from assets, this can be part of the wondrous and fantastic things the characters can start out with (as in the case of certain epic heroes)
Hari Ragat: Flavors of Magic -- deasl with the types of magic that characters may wield
Hari Ragat: Sorcerors and Taint -- deals very briefly with the price of wielding magic

Hari Ragat: Baraka -- deals with 'spiritual power' in the setting, known as Baraka
Hari Ragat: Glory -- deals with Glory as an incentive to character action


Hari Ragat: Haunters of the Jungle -- a neat listing of monsters and creatures in the setting
Hari Ragat: Haunters of the Jungle II -- the listing continued

Combat and Conflict

Hari Ragat: Weapons -- neat pics on some of the weapons for the setting
Hari Ragat: A Fistful of Spears and A Fistful of Spears II -- martial culture and organization in Hari Ragat
Hari Ragat: Heroic Feats -- not the Feats of D&D 3E, but rather some feats that characters can attempt in order to gain glory in this epic setting

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