Saturday, April 9, 2011

HEROic D&D -- Part 5

Out of some weird need for parity, I'm going to refer to pages from the 6E ruleset using the Basic Rulebook for Hero 6E.

So, a fighter. In the world of D&D, there is a particular type of fighter. The strong fighter, tough, and master of weaponry. Of course, in Fantasy Hero there's the heavy fighter, the light fighter, etc. Am I choosing the D&D side?

For now, sort of. I want a 'standard fighter' in the Basic HEROic D&D rules that will blossom into all the valid templates (including pure HERO character creation). If you want to think of it this way:
Basic HEROic D&D = Basic D&D Set
Fantasy HERO 6E = Expert Set / Advanced D&D
Characteristics first, right? Let me spend 15 pts. on them, because it seems to make sense for the fighter to be "stat-heavy". Well, relatively anyway. Gives him some variance in comparison to the skill-heavy Thief and the magic-heavy mage.

Not everyone will build 'em this way, but I figured to go specific for now, and then let other possible fighter builds percolate as I go into the other classes.
Str 15 Dex 11 Con 13 Int 10 Ego 10 Pre 10
PD 2 ED 2 Body 12 Stun 26
SPD 2 REC 4 END 20
rationale: standard fighter prioritizes strength (though this may be too much), then constitution, and a quick nod to dex so they can go before the untrained combat masses.

For the first level, the fighter needs Weapon Familiarities, so:
2 pts - WF: Common Melee Weapons
2 pts - WF: Common Missile Weapons
1 pt - WF: choose one unusual Melee Weapon
5 pts - Combat Skill Level: Strike, Dodge, Block and some other manuever

Okay, will come back to you later. Need to wrestle with the Thief and Mage.

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