Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plague Zombie research

Of course, I believe this is one of the EABA
books I don't own yet. This, and a few others.
I recently finished Max Brooks's "World War Z", and all throughout I was thinking about what an RPG campaign would be like dealing with that kind of situation.

Naturally, I didn't think of a modern day setting, but a traditional fantasy setting outbreak of these kinds of plague zombies and a Fading Suns husk outbreak.

So far, my research has netted the two following links:

And I of course remember the EABA setting Dark Millenium. Here's a short blurb from it:
As Europe entered the 11th century, millennial fever became all too real. On the thousandth anniversary of the death of the Son, evil opened a doorway into the world, and all Hell literally broke loose.
The first seal in the Revelations of St. John has been broken, but not in the way people thought. The dead have risen, but they are hungry for the flesh of the living!

It all starts with the plague zombies of course, and how to stat them out for RPGs like Labyrinth Lord, Castles & Crusades, and Fading Suns.

Next, you have to deal with rules that handle things like called shots ("shoot them in the head!"), the fact that any portion of the body still connected to a still-function brain and brainstem will still move ("erm, that half-zombie's still crawling towards us..."), issues about liquid to liquid transference causing infections ("did you, or did you not get some of that zombie muck on your open cuts and wounds?"), and the incubation and transformation of the infected into more zombies.

And then you deal with possible cures in the setting, and their limitations. Does cure disease work? Up until what point will it stop working? In an outbreak, must all clerics use up their cure disease slots? Can clerics turn plague zombies, and if so, are they considered the equivalent of regular zombies? Will a fireball really destroy all zombies in a given area, and if not, how do you determine which ones had their brains fried, and which ones are still marchin' on?

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